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Sean Ng Pack

This page is dedicated to information about me

I really do it all--engineering, computer science, fashion, photography, design, writing, tennis, pool, piano and a vast array of esoteric hobbies. I work hard, fail fast, and learn fast to become better at my pursuits.

I like giving back to communities, I'm very active and well-known in several prominent communities for fashion, photography, and software development. I lead discussions and provide novel insight.

In addition to participating in communities, I like creating new things. In high school I co-founded the MHS Recycling Club which grew to be the school's largest organization. At Northeastern I co-founded the NU Pool Club and also head the school's pool team. I also created Lengjai, an Asian-centric fashion/culture news platform to empower Asian-Americans and increase representation in the media.

I am a life-long learner and love combining my passions into awesome creations. I think my strong mechanical engineering knowledge, computer science skills, and design intuition are a deadly combo for developing projects that are unlike any other.