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Sean's portfolio site

I built this portfolio site to showcase my projects


My original portfolio site was on Wordpress and I wanted to get away from that
DATE 2018-12-28
SKILLS Web development, React, CSS, API, Design,
STATE Release ver. 1.00



This is a fully-featured website with dynamic content. I am deploying the front-end with Netlify which rebuilds whenever I push the master repo. I have Google analytics keeping track of visitor information. There is full SEO support and my site is ranked high on Google. I also have a cool photo carousel system that works with touch gestures on every project page. I am hosting my photos in the photography page.


I wanted to create a feature-rich portfolio while mainting an extremely easy to read look. This required me to be very concious of what was truly important to display. When I implemented features, I had to test several layouts to determine which ones were best for conveying what I wanted to show and their ability to guide the reader to the next item of importance.


There are still features that I’d like to add including cookies support, better user tracking, and a more robust photos page. I will be using the data I collect from Google Analytics to drive my design choices to make the website more engaging and easy to use.